The 5-inch/51 caliber gun was designed as a secondary gun on US Navy battleships to engage destroyers, torpedo boats, and other surface targets. First introduced into service in 1911, they were eventually replaced on modernized World War era
battleships with the dual-purpose 5"/38 caliber gun mount, which was better suited for anti-aircraft roles. They were used as the main armament in United States Coast Guard cutters, auxiliaries, small aircraft carriers, and as coastal defense batteries. A
wet mount version was fitted on the
Barracuda and Tambor class submarines.

A new addition to
Black Cat Models line of 1:350 scale 3D printed accessories is the 5-inch/51 gun. The set includes parts to build four mounts. Each gun is comprised of two parts, the pedestal and the gun barrel. Each piece is beautifully detailed. The
pedestal has the pointer’s and trainer’s handwheels and the small platforms they stood on. The gun barrel has the breech and the unique brace on top with the sights. The parts come on their respective wafers with very thin attachment points that make
them easy to remove with a #11 blade. I plan on using them to replace the kit parts in
Niko USCGC Spencer and Iron Shipwrights USCGC Campbell builds. My thanks to Ben Druel at Black Cat Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York