The 4-inch/45 Mk. XVI gun was the standard Royal Navy naval anti-aircraft and dual-purpose gun of World War II. The Mk. XVI replaced the earlier 4-inch Mk. V gun and began being fitted on Royal Navy ships during the late 1930s and early 1940s.
The Mk. XVI guns were commonly mounted on twin Mk. XIX mountings. The 4-inch Mk. XVI gun/Mk. XIX twin mounts were rather ubiquitous across many Royal Navy ships. They were used as secondary armament on several classes of Royal Navy
battleships and cruisers and as the main armament on the
Abdiel-class fast minelayers, some destroyer classes and numerous classes of sloops and frigates.

Black Cat Models latest addition to its line of Royal Navy weapons is a 3D printed 4-inch/45 Mk. XVI gun on a twin Mk. XIX mount. The set provides parts to build two mounts and is comprised on the mount base, twin barrels and breech and the
shield. The parts are printed on bars with thin attachment points for easy removal.  The detail on the parts is outstanding and my photos really doesn’t do them justice. A single-page assembly guide is available online at the
Black Cat Models website, and it
shows the attachments points for each part and how it all goes together.

Black Cat Models 4-inch/45 Mk. XVI gun on a twin Mk. XIX mount is a fine way to upgrade your Royal Navy ship build. Since two mounts come to a set, you will need to purchase more than one package to fully equip most of your builds. Still it
is well worth it, as the
Black Cat Models version is excellent and sets the bar high.  My thanks to Black Cat Models for the review sample.

Felix Bustelo
New York