The Amagi Class battlecruiser was designed to counteract the USN Lexington Class battlecruiser designs. Four ships were ordered with Amagi and Akagi laid down in 1920 and Atago and Takao laid
down in 1921. They were designed with ten 16-inch guns mounted in five twin turrets with a 10-inch armored belt.  With a power plant developing 131,000shp, their maximum speed was to be 30-knots.
Displacement was to be 41,217-tons normal and 47,574-tons full load. On February 5, 1922 the construction of the ships was cancelled as the result of the Washington Treaty.
Amagi and Akagi were chosen
for conversion into aircraft carriers but the great earthquake of September 1923 so severely damaged the hull of
Amagi, that the hull was scrapped and the hull of the Tosa Class battleship Kaga was selected
to convert to a carrier in lieu of
Amagi. Fujimi has a 1:700 scale kit of Amagi as her original battlecruiser design. This is the build of that kit by Kostas Katseas.